Annotatable Audio user testing

I've just spent the last two days user testing the latest version of our 'Annotatable Audio' concept. To find out more about it visit Tom's blog. Its been the first time I've conducted testing on an RIA. I was slightly concerned that my usual testing methods may not be appropriate for a complex web application. However, I can report that the test went extremely well - we had 10 members of the public from all sides of the advanced Internet user demographic. Each session had some extremely interesting behaviour. And yes, this did include a reliance on the 'back button - one of the big unsolved problems with web 2.0 style applications.

Rather disappointingly, I'm now faced with huge amounts of data which I will be sifting through over the next week before I finally write a report and design proposal.

Special thanks to the lovely people who offered to take notes during the user testing sessions - you know who you are :)