Sky remote recording

Skys new mobile EPGI found this on Digital Spy this morning. Its really heart warming to see the potential of mobile/home technology finally being realised. Two years ago I recommended a similar device to the BBC when I wrote a research paper on the 'Future demands of digital radio'. Its kinda sad to see the BBC being left behind on this initiative - but I was encouraged to hear Director General, Mark Thompson talking about establishing an EPG with a level playing field for commercial counterparts (reported in Ariel, the BBCs inhouse paper). In my report two years ago I stated that a BBC only EPG is a 'low value ghetto' to users. What is the point of an EPG if it only allows you to personalise BBC content?. What happens when you want something from ITV or XFM recorded; users won't download a competitors EPG to get that stuff. The mobile revolution is happening in a big way now. I'm really keen to see the BBC deliver something really big over the next year. I've been saying it for years, but now is the perfect opportunity for the dear old beeb to take up the new role as trusted guide of the digital media space (regardless of who provides that content: Internet, Radio and TV).