The BBC new home (beta)

BBC - Homepage Never in all my years have I seen a home page design that has caused so much controversy. In the days when, RSS feeds and web apps such as netvines and igoogle are deemed to rule the waves - why is there still such a cufufle about one page.

Personally, I think the new beta home page is a real step forward. True, it does not have any new content and also true, its a cookie based system - meaning you have to set it up again on every computer you access. However, the home page has come a long way from being the political war zone it once was. Greg Dyke once stated that he could see the problems with the BBC simply from looking at the home page - a manifestation of all the political infighting on one rather naive HTML page. Far from being less important, the home page does have a purpose. It exists more as a shop front to inspire confidence on the experience the user is about to embark on. It is no longer just a catch all wayfinding tool - the BBC is way too big for all that.

Much praise should be given to the BBC for allowing the user to customize what they want from the BBC. Its a brave step forward that has taken far too long to filter to the top.

And that analogue clock...despite being utterly pointless, I love it!