Please sir, can I unsubscribe? UNSUBSCRIBE!!!???

Thanks for your clear communication Orange

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So how hard is it to unsubscribe from mailing lists these days? Despite having UK anti-spam legislation since 2003 - some companies just don't seem to be living up to their responsibilities.

I have not been an Orange customer for over a year now and even when I was, I repeatedly hit the unsubscribe link on every email they ever sent.

Each time I do...a few months later I receive another one.

Are they deliberately inferring that that are having technical problems to sidestep the anti-spam legislation? Hmmm

Lets read the feedback Orange has given me each time I unsubscribe:

Sorry, there has been a problem

No Shit.

Your unsubscribe request may not have been processed

You mean, you don't know? Why don't you know?

The unsubscribe process may take up to 28 working days

What!!! How can it take 28 days for a server to turn a 1 into a 0...and why don't your servers work at the weekends?

You may receive additional emails before then, please accept our apologies in advance

If you continue to receive email messages from Orange after this time please follow the unsubscribe process again

Ok, so let me get this right. You don't know if you received my request, you don't know if you will do anything about it and even if you do it will take 28 working days for your servers complete the request. Also, if you don't do anything about it, you won't tell me and I'll have to work that out by finding another Orange email in my inbox....and then I'll have to try the unsubscribe process all over again.

You are evil Orange. Evil.