Hello again

Its been over two years since my last post, in that time a lot of things have changed. I left the good folk at Yahoo! I left my flat. Hell...I even left London. Somewhere during that time my blog had been badly hacked. I knew this because my sites internal links failed and a number of my .php files contained links to malware and gay porn sites appended at the end. Thankfully the database was still intact, but  it still took me a good three hours to reinstate my Wordpress install and upgrade to v3.

I honestly wish I had more time to devote to my website; looking through my files on my computer I can already see three folders full of exciting designs. None of which ever saw the light of day, instead they sit on my local server in a redundant fashion. In any case, my code seems sadly ancient with the advent of HTML 5 and CSS 3. Many of the effects I struggled to achieve are now simply set as an attribute in a tag.

I could easily spend a whole evening reading through plugin and theming documentation on the Wordpress website...but when I comes to bringing it all together with CSS and HTML I find my ambition often exceeds my goals and its never enough for me to cut and paste code, I simply have to understand it fully. And there in-lies my Achilles heel.

So my new personal stance on web development is small and iterative. Do what I can, when I can...but most importantly, learn new things and put them into practice no matter how small they are. I'm not a web developer and things may never look as compelling as I'd like but I must keep my feet wet in some way. Web development is a great way to inform my own interaction design.